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HoistersUnlimited Garage Storage Hoisters Lifts

One person operation: Raises and lowers with a single control rope.
Easy to install: Kit comes complete.
Safe, Self-locking: Safety cleat grips instantly if rope is accidentally released.
Lifts Evenly: From 10 to 200 lbs.

Unlike home-made pulley and rope systems, you don't have to tie off the rope once you’ve lifted the object. The beauty of this system is the patented stainless steel self-locking safety cleat that automatically locks and holds the load once you release the rope. This makes your job easier, and more importantly safer.

Harken Bike/Utility Hoisters are great for storing bikes, light deck chairs during the winter, and gardening tools. Harken Storage systems efficiently store small boats, rowing sculls, truck caps, convertible hardtops, unneeded van seats, canoes, train sets, ski equipment and cartop carriers, and many other things that fit in its weight range.

Unlimited Garage stocks hoisters for 8’ – 16’ ceilings

1-Point Bike/Utility Lift: bikes, garden equipment
2-Point Storage System: kayaks, ladders, tandem/recumbent bikes, removable seats
4-Point Storage Systems: canoes, dinghies, cartop sports equipment carriers, Jeep tops, truck caps, storage shelves